Prescription drugs

Drug Drop Boxes

What is a drug drop box?

A drug take back box is a free, easy, safe and anonymous way to dispose of no longer needed or outdated medicine.

Medicine is collected from drug take back boxes by law enforcement and properly destroyed, keeping it out of:

  • Your home
  • Our waters
  • The reach of children and drug abusers

What is accepted?

  • Prescription Medicine
  • Medicine Samples
  • Animal Medicine
  • Over the Counter Medicine
  • Vitamins
  • Inhalants

View the listing of all of Cleveland County’s Drug Drop Box Locations!

Keep unused drugs out of the wrong hands! Visit one of our Drug Drop Box locations today.

Don’t become an accidental drug dealer by leaving your prescription medicine where others can get it. Lock Your Meds!

Find out how you can get a FREE medicine lock box while supplies last.  Call the Cleveland County Public Health Center at 980-484-5139.

Statistics/General Information

Many parents are unaware of the range of substances that teens may abuse. The liquor cabinet is not the only cabinet teens are accessing to get high.  According to research, the most common way for teens to get high is to search their parents’ medicine cabinet. Parental communication is proven to be the most effective way to prevent teens from abusing drugs. Therefore, parents should make sure their teenagers know it is not okay to take prescription drugs not prescribed to the or OTC drugs unnecessarily. Because these drugs are easily accessible, teens often perceive them as being safe.

The abuse of Rx and OTC Drugs can:

  • Increase blood pressure or heart rate
  • Damage the brain and other organs
  • Lead to accidental overdose/poisoning
  • Cause physical dependency/addiction
  • Disrupt breathing
  • Lead to risks associated with mixing drugs or combining alcohol
  • Cause seizures and even death

Common Teen Misperceptions

40% of teens say even if Rx drugs are not prescribed by a doctor, they are much safer to use than illegal drugs.
31% of teens say there is nothing wrong with using Rx drugs without a doctor’s prescription.
29% of teens say Rx pain relievers are not addicting.


  • Always store medicines and vitamins in a locked location, out of the reach and sight of children.

  • Put medicines and vitamins away after every use. Never leave them on the counter between doses and don’t be tempted to “keep them handy” in a purse or briefcase.

  • Buy child-resistant packages when they are available and securely

  • Participate in a medicine disposal day in your community.

  • Find events in Cleveland County.

  • Avoid tendencies to self-diagnose and self-prescribe.

  • Model safe medication-taking practices for others.

  • Talk with your family members, friends and neighbors.


Keep unused or expired medications out of wrong hands.

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